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Welcome to AlienX Designs

AlienX Designs is a VFX Team helps clients turn their ideas into reality. We can support Graphics and VFX projects from concept through completion and offer the creative, technical capabilities to produce CG Videos. AlienX believe that the goal is to give you amazing production quality in the shortest possible time!

Our Services

Creations Beyond Your Imagination

3D Tracking / Matchmove

AlienX use latest 3D Tracking tools and technology for matchmoving, camera tracking and object tracking projects. It seamlessly integrate 3D elements into your video frames, for a great visual experience.

Clean up / Wire removal

AlienX know how to clean up your video! Whether you need wire removal, a beauty cleanup or reflection tweaks, rig, equipment or crew removal, old video restoration, It can hit delete on everything you don’t want. Nuke scripts, clean plates, custom projects – you choose and we deliver!

Chroma Key / Green Screen Removal

Green screen removal can sometimes be excruciating; especially when you have a long video material with a lot of action! AlienX remove your green screen and make it transparent or it place a background of your choice instead. It can save you time and headaches on this tedious job!

VFX Compositing

A professional team is not complete without doing expert FX compositing! AlienX work with highly talented artists in CGI, Color Corrections, video elements redesign, background or element replacements & more. And can turn your imagination into creative, eye-catching video that will impress your viewers!


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Our Process

That's How We Do It

1. Planning

2. Idea

3. Design

4. Development

5. Result

Meet Our Team

Creative Nerds

Founder, graphic Designer, Compositer

Rukmesh Patrudu

Film maker, Writer

Jonathan Holeton

Photographer, Lighting & Compositing Artist

Vivek Ranjan

About Us

We live a common dream, we are bound together by a common thread - Passion for VFX is what drives us all to push our limits and break free. It is our love for creativity that brings us together to deliver our best and give you an even better product, every time we collaborate with you. We understand the nuances of modern day film making and hence your need to produce something that the world is yet to see - We work with complete dedication to make this happen.

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